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Whom built The Temple?

King David is often not recognized for his effort in the building the first temple of God. He did harder work than King Solomon in building the temple. Let us look closer to what King David and King Solomon did to build the temple.

King David had the "Temple" vision - King Solomon had no Vision

2 Sam 7:1-2 OOYLT
And it cometh to pass, when the king sat in his house, and Jehovah hath given rest to him round about, from all his enemies, that the king saith unto Nathan the prophet, `See, I pray thee, I am dwelling in a house of cedars, and the ark of God is dwelling in the midst of the curtain.'

Pr 29:18a OOYLT
Without a Vision is a people made naked ...

Pr 29:18 WB
Where there is no vision, the people perish: ...

King David did the work of a visionary. He obtained the heart of God - obtaining the prophetic design of the temple. King Solomon merely took that design and built the temple (in the natural realm). After the temple was built, Israel did not go forward. Other than a story about the Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon, there is no biblical or extra-biblical story about God's Kingdom reaching the end of the earth. Israel just basked in greatness and nothing else. There was no vision. Eventually Israel was divided and went astray.

Note: Proverb is a collection of wisdom passed throughout generations. Many verses came from Patriarch Joseph. Proverb was created using wisdoms passed throughout generations during King Solomon's reign.1 King Solomon was probably not the original creator of many proverb verses.

King David designed the Temple - King Solomon followed the Temple plan

1 Chron 28:11-19 OOYLT
And David giveth to Solomon his son the pattern of the porch, and of its houses, and of its treasures, and of its upper chambers, and of its innermost chambers, and of the house of the atonement; and the pattern of all that hath been by the Spirit with him, for the courts of the house of Jehovah, and for all the chambers round about, for the treasures of the house of God, and for the treasures of the things sacrificed; and for the courses of the priests and of the Levites, and for all the work of the service of the house of Jehovah, and for all vessels of service of the house of Jehovah, even gold by weight, for things of gold, for all instruments of service and service; for all instruments of silver by weight, for all instruments of service and service; and by weight for the candlesticks of gold, and their lamps of gold, by weight for candlestick and candlestick, and its lamps; and for the candlesticks of silver, by weight for a candlestick and its lamps, according to the service of candlestick and candlestick; and the gold by weight for tables of the arrangement, for table and table, and silver for the tables of silver; and the forks, and the bowls, and the cups of pure gold, and for the basins of gold, by weight for basin and basin, and for the basins of silver, by weight for basin and basin, and for the altar of perfume refined gold by weight, and for the pattern of the chariot of the cherubs of gold -- spreading and covering over the ark of the covenant of Jehovah. The whole is in writing from the hand of Jehovah, `He caused me to understand all the work of the pattern,' said David.

It is true that in the natural realm, King Solomon built the temple. However King David built the temple in the spiritual realm. He did a more significance work than King Solomon. King David spent much time in prayer and obtained the heart of God. Again, King Solomon merely took the temple design from his father and built the temple.

The temple design is far beyond what man could design. It was designed by God himself. The temple presents a divine prophetic redemption of mankind. It also has much divine mathematics.

Divine Prophetic Redemption of Mankind

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Divine Mathematics

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Examples of God's Amazing Design

King David lived a life ruled by love for Yahweh - King Solomon lived a life ruled by wisdom

1 Sam16:18 OOYLT
And one of the servants answereth and saith, `Lo, I have seen a son of Jesse the Beth-Lehemite [David], skilful in playing, and a mighty virtuous man, and a man of battle, and intelligent in word, and a man of form, and Jehovah is with him.'

2 Sam 6:14a OOYLT
And David is dancing with all strength before Jehovah, ...

King David led a life of worship. He wrote numerous psalms in which he praised God, ascribed greatness to God, asked God for protection (from King Saul, Absalom, Philistines, etc), thanked God for his deliverance, proclaimed deliverance for the righteous and judgment for the wicked, and many other things. King David lived a life ruled by love for God.

1 Kings 3:5-9 OOYLT
In Gibeon hath Jehovah appeared unto Solomon, in a dream of the night, and God saith, `Ask -- what do I give to thee?' And Solomon saith, `Thou hast done with Thy servant David my father great kindness, as he walked before Thee in truth and in righteousness, and in uprightness of heart with Thee, and Thou dost keep for him this great kindness, and dost give to him a son sitting on his throne, as at this day. And now, O Jehovah my God, Thou hast caused thy servant to reign instead of David my father; and I am a little child, I do not know to go out and to come in; and Thy servant is in the midst of thy people, whom Thou hast chosen, a people numerous, that is not numbered nor counted for multitude, and Thou hast given to Thy servant an understanding heart, to judge Thy people, to discern between good and evil; for who is able to judge this Thy great people?'

When asked by God, King Solomon requested for wisdom to rule Israel. He lived a life ruled by wisdom.

King David lived a life of repentance - King Solomon refused to repent

2 Sam 12:13 OOYLT
And David saith unto Nathan, `I have sinned against Jehovah.'

King David repented quickly after he was confronted by prophet Nathan concerning adultery with Bath-Sheba.

1 Chron 21:8 OOYLT
and David saith unto God, `I have sinned exceedingly, in that I have done this thing; and now, cause to pass away, I pray Thee, the iniquity of Thy servant, for I have acted very foolishly.'

King David repented quickly after he sinned by ordering a census.

Deut 7:1-4 OOYLT
`When Jehovah thy God doth bring thee in unto the land whither thou art going in to possess it, and He hath cast out many nations from thy presence, the Hittite, and the Girgashite, and the Amorite, and the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, and the Hivite, and the Jebusite, seven nations more numerous and mighty than thou, and Jehovah thy God hath given them before thee, and thou hast smitten them -- thou dost utterly devote them -- thou dost not make with them a covenant, nor dost thou favour them. `And thou dost not join in marriage with them; thy daughter thou dost not give to his son, and his daughter thou dost not take to thy son, for he doth turn aside thy son from after Me, and they have served other gods, and the anger of Jehovah hath burned against you, and hath destroyed thee hastily.

1 Kings 11:1-11 OOYLT
And king Solomon hath loved many strange women, and the daughter of Pharaoh, females of Moab, Ammon, Edom, Zidon, and of the Hittites, of the nations of which Jehovah said unto the sons of Israel, `Ye do not go in to them, and they do not go in to you; surely they turn aside your heart after their gods;' to them hath Solomon cleaved for love. And he hath women, princesses, seven hundred, and concubines three hundred; and his wives turn aside his heart. And it cometh to pass, at the time of the old age of Solomon, his wives have turned aside his heart after other gods, and his heart hath not been perfect with Jehovah his God, like the heart of David his father. And Solomon goeth after Ashtoreth goddess of the Zidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites; and Solomon doth the evil thing in the eyes of Jehovah, and hath not been fully after Jehovah, like David his father. Then doth Solomon build a high place for Chemosh the abomination of Moab, in the hill that is on the front of Jerusalem, and for Molech the abomination of the sons of Ammon; and so he hath done for all his strange women, who are perfuming and sacrificing to their gods. And Jehovah sheweth Himself angry with Solomon, for his heart hath turned aside from Jehovah, God of Israel, who had appeared unto him twice, and given a charge unto him concerning this thing, not to go after other gods; and he hath not kept that which Jehovah commanded, and Jehovah saith to Solomon, `Because that this hath been with thee, and thou hast not kept My covenant and My statutes that I charged upon thee, I surely rend the kingdom from thee, and have given it to thy servant.

King Solomon married foreign women, disobeying the OT laws, and followed their gods. He never repented and the Lord divided the kingdom because of these sins.

God did not destroy Israel because of King David, not King Solomon

2 Chronicles 21:7 OOYLT
and Jehovah hath not been willing to destroy the house of David, for the sake of the covenant that He made with David, and as He had said to give to him a lamp, and to his sons -- all the days.

Isaiah 37:34 OOYLT
And I have covered over this city, To save it, for Mine own sake, And for the sake of David My servant.'

Kingdom 1 Ki 11:13 OOYLT
only all the kingdom I do not rend away; one tribe I give to thy son, for the sake of David My servant, and for the sake of Jerusalem, that I have chosen.'

Kingdom 1 Ki 11:32 OOYLT
and the one tribe he hath for My servant David's sake, and for Jerusalem's sake, the city which I have fixed on, out of all the tribes of Israel.

Kingdom 1 Ki 11:34 OOYLT
`And I do not take the whole of the kingdom out of his hand, for prince I make him all days of his life, for the sake of David My servant whom I chose, who kept My commands and My statutes;

Kingdom 1 Ki 15:4 OOYLT
but for David's sake hath Jehovah his God given to him a lamp in Jerusalem, to raise up his son after him, and to establish Jerusalem,

Kingdom 2 Ki 8:19 OOYLT
and Jehovah was not willing to destroy Judah, for the sake of David his servant, as He said to him, to give to him a lamp -- to his sons all the days.

Kingdom 2 Ki 19:34 OOYLT
And I have covered over this city, To save it, for Mine own sake, And for the sake of David My servant.'

Kingdom 2 Ki 20:6 OOYLT
and I have added to thy days fifteen years, and out of the hand of the king of Asshur I deliver thee and this city, and have covered over this city for Mine own sake, and for the sake of David My servant.'

1 Kings 11:11 OOYLT
and Jehovah saith to Solomon, `Because that this hath been with thee, and thou hast not kept My covenant and My statutes that I charged upon thee, I surely rend the kingdom from thee, and have given it to thy servant.

Israel was divided due to King Solomon's unrepentant life. Judah, southern half after Israel was divided, was spared for the sake of King David. King David serve as a model for us. Let us walk like King David, not as King Solomon.

Love God

Deut 6:4-5 OOYLT
`Hear, O Israel, Jehovah our God is one Jehovah; and thou hast loved Jehovah thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might,

Mt 23:36-40 OOYLT
`Teacher, which is the great command in the Law?' And Jesus said to him, `Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thine understanding -- this is a first and great command; and the second is like to it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself; on these -- the two commands -- all the law and the prophets do hang.'

1 Cor 8:1b OOYLT
knowledge puffeth up, but love buildeth up;

King David lived a life ruled by love while King Solomon lived a life of wisdom. Let us give priority to love the Lord deeply, not to be knowledgeable. Seek to know the person, Jesus, and not just about Jesus. Guard your heart and walk with Jesus intimately. Spend precious time with Jesus and let Him reveal His Heart and Revelations. I exhort you to read Life Is In Jesus.

Walk with God

1 Sam 23:2 OOYLT
And David asketh at Jehovah, saying, `Do I go? -- and have I smitten among these Philistines?' And Jehovah saith unto David, `Go, and thou hast smitten among the Philistines, and saved Keilah.'

1 Sam 23:10-11 OOYLT
And David saith, `Jehovah, God of Israel, Thy servant hath certainly heard that Saul is seeking to come in unto Keilah, to destroy the city on mine account. Do the possessors of Keilah shut me up into his hand? doth Saul come down as Thy servant hath heard? Jehovah, God of Israel, declare, I pray Thee, to Thy servant.' And Jehovah saith, `He doth come down.'

1 Sam 30:7-8 OOYLT
And David saith unto Abiathar the priest, son of Ahimelech, `Bring nigh, I pray thee, to me the ephod;' and Abiathar bringeth nigh the ephod unto David, and David asketh at Jehovah, saying, `I pursue after this troop -- do I overtake it?' And He saith to him, `Pursue, for thou dost certainly overtake, and dost certainly deliver.'

2 Sam 2:1 OOYLT
And it cometh to pass afterwards, that David asketh at Jehovah, saying, `Do I go up into one of the cities of Judah?' and Jehovah saith unto him, `Go up.' And David saith, `Whither do I go up?' and He saith, `To Hebron.'

King David walked with the Lord. He asked the Lord on what to do. We are to partner with Jesus, not blindly serve Him. We are to let Jesus rules our lives in all details of our lives.

Note: The word, believe, in the new testament, usually derives from the Greek word, pisteou2. Pisteou means to actively believe - it is more than head knowledge. Not only we are to acknowledge that Jesus died for our sins, but we are to commit and trust with him. We are to live our lives as we really depend on Jesus. We are to walk in faith with Jesus.

Grasp God's Vision

Hab 2:2 OOYLT
And Jehovah answereth me and saith: `Write a vision, and explain on the tables, That he may run who is reading it.

Jer 29:11
For I have known the thoughts that I am thinking towards you -- an affirmation of Jehovah; thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give to you posterity and hope.

Jesus has a plan for our lives. It is up to grasp His thoughts for our lives. Be not like King Solomon who had no vision and eventually perished (went astray). If you have no vision for your life, then seek Jesus to find out what are His Plans for you. Spend precious time with Jesus and let Him reveal His Heart and Revelation for your life.

Walk with Humility

1 Sam 16:11
And Samuel saith unto Jesse, `Are the young men finished?' and he saith, `Yet hath been left the youngest; and lo, he delighteth himself among the flock;' and Samuel saith unto Jesse, `Send and take him, for we do not turn round till his coming in hither.'

Prov 16:18
Before destruction is pride, And before stumbling -- a haughty spirit.'

Mat 18:2-3 OOYLT
And Jesus having called near a child, did set him in the midst of them, and said, `Verily I say to you, if ye may not be turned and become as the children, ye may not enter into the reign of the heavens;

King David walked in humility. He delighted in doing humble work (tending sheep). Let us being willing to do the "lowly" works. Let us put others before us. Live as a child of God.

Praise God

King David written numerous psalms. He gave praise to God, ascribed glory to God, asked God for protection, thanked God for deliverance, etc. Let us follow his footstep. Let us conclude with one of his psalms.

Ps 108 OOYLT
A Song, A Psalm of David.
Prepared is my heart, O God, I sing, yea, I sing praise, also my honour.
Awake, psaltery and harp, I awake the dawn.
I thank Thee among peoples, O Jehovah, And I praise Thee among the nations.
For great above the heavens is Thy kindness, And unto the clouds Thy truth.
Be Thou exalted above the heavens, O God, And above all the earth Thy honour.
That Thy beloved ones may be delivered, Save with Thy right hand, and answer us.
God hath spoken in His holiness: I exult, I apportion Shechem, And the valley of Succoth I measure,
Mine is Gilead, mine is Manasseh, And Ephraim is the strength of my head, Judah is my lawgiver,
Moab is a pot for my washing, Upon Edom I cast my shoe, Over Philistia I shout habitually.
Who doth bring me in to the fenced city? Who hath led me unto Edom?
Hast not Thou, O God, cast us off? And Thou goest not out, O God, with our hosts!
Give to us help from adversity, And vain is the salvation of man.
In God we do mightily, And He doth tread down our adversaries!


1 Restoring the Original Bible by Ernest L. Martin, Ph.D.., 1994 Edited by David Sielaff, 2004
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